Saturday, April 14, 2012

Applying for Canadian Tourist Visa

Or the Canadian Temporary Resident Visa. I know some of you are aware that I'm applying for the visa because I'm heading to Vancouver on January for a week or two stay to see my father and technically see hot men (just kidding. hahaha!)

Many of you contemplate that it is hard to apply here and especially in the States but truth to be told it's more hard to apply for Japanese Visa seriously also it's pretty much hassle because Japanese Tourist Visa for Filipinos is really for free if you stay up to 59days (or something like that) but since they don't accept walk-ins and you have to lodge in all your documents to their accredited travel agencies the free visa will go down to paid visa (PHP 2,500.00!!!) See?

Back to Canadian Tourist Visa, as what I told you it's kinda easier here. You just have to have a complete requirements! (All embassies ofcourse) and a kind hearted Consulate that will check your documents (so you better pray! hahaha)

The Requirements are the following:
(Remember this is Canadian Tourist Visa)

1. Complete and Validated Application for a Temporary Resident Visa (IMM5257 form)
2. Complete Family Information (IMM5465 form) for all applicants 18 years of age and over.
3. Correct processing fee. It's PHP 3,225.00 or CA$ 75 for Single entry visas and PHP 6,450 or CA$ 150 for Multiple entry visas. 

NOTE: The Canadian Embassy accepts Manager's cheque, Postal Money Order, Certified Cheque or Bank Draft payable to the Embassy of Canada, Manila. Cheques and PMO should be valid for at least 6 months upon submission of your application. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and processing fee is non-refundable (so make sure your documents are complete to avoid getting denied!)

4. Original Passport(s) minimum of two blank visa pages and minimum of 6 months validity. Attach your old passport(s) showing previous travel.
5. Two passport photographs  with name printed on the back, dated and taken in the past 6 months
6. Explain the purpose of your trip - mention any other countries to be visited on your trip, other person accompanying you and any other information supporting your reasons for travelling.
For convenience, you may use Supplementary Information for Visitors Form.
7. Original proof of Funds - Updated original bank certificates with Transaction history for atleast the last 3 months (in the form of passbooks, bank statements or time deposits)
8. Proof of Employment - a letter from your current employer and payslips (last 3 months)
Proof of Business - if you are self-employed. Provide business registration, tax clearance certificates, trade certificates, business license and financial documents such as certified business bank account statement for the pass 6 months.
Proof of Current Studies - a current letter and transcript from the educational institution you are attending.

For more informations and to download the forms needed visit Canadian Embassy Manila website. One more, it is best advice that you fill up your application form using Adobe Reader so you can validate your application form and also have the validation barcode when you submit it.

Goodluck on your application!