Friday, May 18, 2012

Applying for Korean Tourist Visa

Can I just say 2012 was too fast approaching and unpredictable? I had my plans mostly about travel sorted out earlier this year that I'm going this month and that and there what not but I guess if the opportunity really come in your way, you have to grab it right away right? So to those who follows my blog from the scratch I've mentioned that I'm going to Korea by September actually I had second thoughts because I'm giving up my last batch trip to Singapore/Malaysia also settled in September also I found out that I squeeze myself going to London and Dubai as well but I guess god has a lot in store for me.

Last week I just assisted group of koreans from my previous post which I will blog in the next few days. And them bam everything changed in a whirlwind. In a snap I moved my trip to Korea next month and settled to June 15 upto 22! I'm flying from Manila to Hong Kong then Seoul & vice versa via Cathay Pacific. Oh well I choose a connecting flight because I want a cheaper air fare but not a budget fare haha! Korean Air, Asiana and Philippine Airlines flies directly from Manila to Seoul normally costs PHP 25,0000-26,000. While if I fly with Cathay Pacific I will just shell out PHP 20,000-21,000! I can jump to Tsim Sha Tsui because I have around 7 to 8 hours lay-over in Hong Kong before flying back to Manila. Then I'll be staying in Best Western Premier in Gangnam near to shopping
places! Say goodbye to my savings. HAHAHAHA!

Anyhoo here's how to apply for Tourist Visa for Students

1. Application Form (never leave blanks, put N/A if it's not applicable to you)
2. Photocopy of School ID (front and back)
3. Certificate of Enrollment
4. Photocopy of your Parent's Passport First Page (have it sign up and down side)
5. Photocopy of your Passport's First Page
6. Original copy of Parent's Bank Certificate
7. Original copy of your Parent's Employment Certificate or Business Registration issued by SEC or DTI
8. Photocopy of your Parent's Income Tax Return Certificate or Form 2316
9. Passport with 6 month validity prior to Departure
10. 1 passport-size photo (white background and colored)

Note #1: If you lack documents most especially Employment Certificate/Business Registration and ITR Certificate like me you can submit Land Titles, Vehicle Registation Certificate, Membership in Country Clubs and Pension Certificate. 

For Applicants who are Employeed submit requirements 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

Visa fees:
Less than 59 days - Free/Gratis
60 days to 90 days - PHP 1,350.00
(All Single Entry Visa)

Note #2: If you've been to Korea for 4 times, no need to apply for visa anymore. Also Jeju Island is visa-free for Filipinos but there's no direct flights from Manila to Jeju so you have to pass Hong Kong, China or Japan who flies directly to Jeju!

I submitted my application earlier today and will get my passport + visa next Friday.
Goodluck on your application!