Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Applying for New Zealand Tourist Visa

I'm sure most of you want to feel what it is like in the future. FYI for those who are not aware The South Hemisphere or New Zealand is +13 GMT while Australia is +12 GMT so it means they celebrate Christmas, New Year and all sorts of holiday and celebration first before anyone of us from Asia, Africa, The America and Europe. All most of you are familiar with Kiwis ofcourse. On how Australians are charming so to the Kiwis and the fresh sea breeze and full-haired sheeps.

Anyhoo this post is about how to apply a New Zealand Tourist Visa for Filipinos because I know you are truly aware that we are exempted from the visa-free agreement of New Zealand.

1. Visa Application Form - print it on A4
2. 2 Passport-size Photos - must be less than 6 months old; colored & white background
3. Visa fee - for less 59 days (Free) For 60 days above (PHP 5,200.00)
4. Supporting Documents
a. Financial Documents
> if you are being sponsored by someone, sign the sponsorship form for visiting new zealand
> bank records showing savings history
> credit card statements
> other evidence of funds and assets
b. evidence of employment commitments (employed or self-employed)
c. passport and other travel documents (provide photocopy of bio-page)
d. clear copies of visas on passport to show previous travels
e. birth certificate & marriage certificate (nso copy & if appicable only)
f. travel itinerary or flight bookings 
5. If you are staying in NZ for 6 months 

1. All documents should be original and photocopy 
all originals will be returned as soon as the application has been finalized
2. If you are staying in NZ for 1 year or more (should be less than 3 months old)
> pregnant women and 11 years old under are not required to submit the certificate
3. If you are staying in NZ for 2 years 
> please provide nbi clearance or police certificates from the philippines
> required filipino citizens must 17 years old and above

Lodging Time: Monday-Fridays: 8:30am-4:00pm/Saturdays: 8:00am-11:30am 
Charges: PHP 700.00 (VAC & One-Way Courier Charges)
> must be paid in the form of manager's cheque and bank draft only: payable of PIASI
Address: VIA Centre, 9th floor One Corporate Plaza, 845 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City
Email Address: