Saturday, August 18, 2012

Applying for UK Tourist Visa

Hi everyone, so we are taking break from the Seoul blogroll for now and I will talk about about the requirements of applying a UK Tourist Visa for Filipinos. I know I have mention a couple of blogs below that I want to spend Winter to somewhere cold and different and finally I've come to my senses that London is the perfect spot for my 7th adventure this 2012.

But hep hep before I can do the critical planning of my London trip by last week of November, I have to apply first a visa. For those who don't know, UK Tourist Visa is different from Schengen Visa. They do have an agreement as a Schengen Region but United Kingdom is not part of the visa agreement of 26 countries. So keep in mind that you have to apply for separate visas for UK that covers England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland & for Schengen okay?

UK Visa Requirements
1. Document Checklist
> you need to print this one out then tick all the requirements that you will submit in the embassy and ofcourse arrange it as the way they appear in the checklist. you can download it here!
2. Current/Old Passport
> valid 6 months for the current passport and showing your previous travel history for old passport
3. Evidence of your Marital Status
> can be marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, a divorce certificate or a death certificate
4. Evidence of your Current Employment or Studies
> a letter from your employer on company headed paper - detailing your salary and the length of your employment, confirming that you have been given time off work and stating whether this time off is paid or unpaid. you should consider submitting further documents which could support an employment letter, such as: pay slips aor tax returns. if you have recently entered new employment you should consider providing details of your previous employment and salary history
> a letter from your education provider on headed paper - confirming your enrollment and leave of absence
> business registration documents confirming the business owner's name and the date when the business starting trading
5. Finances and Employment
> if someone else is paying for your trip then they should consider proving the same information about their finances and employment
> if you are proving documents from a joint account then please explain who the other account holders are and why you have permission to spend money from the account
> if your spouse or partner is employed then the entry clearance officer would also like to see evidence of their employment and financial details
> can be in form of bank statements or bank books, bank letter or balance certificate, payslips, tax returns, business bank account statements and evidence of income from property or land
6. Accommodation and Travel Details
this could be in form of: 
> hotel booking confirmation (book in hostelworld or hostelbookers where you can pay a downpayment of 10% and get a booking confirmation already, you can cancel it anytime if your visa is denied)
> travel booking confirmation (i got mine from klm since i choose flying to amsterdam for my stop-over before going to london then vice versa but don't purchase yet until your visa is approved!)
> travel agent confirmation of both
> accommodation details with a supporting letter from the occupant confirming that you are able to stay there
7. Completed Visa Application Form
> Online version - this is for filipinos and just make sure you allow pop-up window in your browser. click here!
> Printed version - for other nationalities. download here!
8. One Passport-size Photo
> recent within 6 months, must be colored and in white background & to pasted in your printed online application form. take noted: PASTED not stapled okay?
9. Planned Itinerary - if you have one
in forms of:
> bookings or tickets for any excursions, trips and outings
> email conversation about any excursion, trips and outings
> travel agent bookings
10. Supporting letter - from your friend or sponsor in the UK
> include their financial documents, their passport bio-page, valid visa or immigration from their passport and home office letter confirming permission to stay in the UK

Reminder: UKBA don't expect you to submit everything but it's in your own discretion what documents are most relevant and will help your way to United Kingdom

Booking your Appointment: if you are already done filling and collecting up everything, book an appointment online because it will save you money instead of calling the call center. Click here! After booking your appointment don't forget to print out the appointment letter because you need to show it on your lodging day

UK Visa Fee: PHP 5,460.00 in form of Manager's Cheque payable to British Embassy drawn from BPI Island Bank, BDO or any registered Philippine Banks or a bank receipt from any branch of Union Bank

Address: VFS Services Philippines Private Inc.
Unit 606 6th floor Eco Plaza Building, 2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City
Inquiry Number: For PLDT 1-909-885-8472
Email Address: