Sunday, October 21, 2012

Applying for Japanese Tourist Visa

Ohayou Gozaimasu everyone!
We all love Japan right? Especially Tokyo! I was supposed to visit this place last March but I have a problem with one of my documents so I just went to Shanghai instead. They are one of the countries I know who are so strict when it comes to getting a visa. One is Russia ofcourse, Second is Canada then Japan but I hope next year I will have the greatest luck ever in my second try.


1. Philippine Passport - broken photo lamination will not be accepted and must have two blank pages
2. Visa Application Form - also available in the travel agencies
3. 2 Photos - 4.5 x 4.5cm with white background and must be pasted in the application form
4. Birth Certificate - must be issued in one year (they are super strict with this one so make sure if you are applying this year, you must have a 2011 or 2012 nso birth certificate but if incase you don't have nso birth certificate you can submit a certificate of non-record with one local civil registrar copy of your birth certificate!)
5. Marriage Certificate - if applicable
7. If Visiting a Friend - documents, photos and etc. to prove your relationship
8. Invitation Letter (from your Guarantor in Japan) - if you are being sponsored it must have hand-written signature and not applicable for package tours
9. Bank Certificate
10. Income Tax Return (Form 2316) - original and photocopy 
11. Residence Certificate (Juminhyo) - only applicable if your guarantor is japanese
12. Foreign Registration Certificate from City Hallonly applicable if your guarantor is not japanese

Important Notes
1. Exemption of number 4 and 5 if you have in your old/new passport a used Japanese Visa
2. Number 9 and 10 are only applicable if you and your Guarantor has deposit in the bank and Income Tax Return (Form 2316) so better look for other financial documents if you have
3. Exemption of Number 9 and 10 if you are eligible for Multiply Entry Visa
4. If your Guarantor any part of your Travel and Living Expense while you are in Japan submit:
guarantee letter (mimoto hoshosho)
> income certificate from the city hall (shotoku shomeisho)
> tax return certificate from the tax office (nouzeishomeisho form 2)
> kakuteishinkokusho hikae or bank certificate (yokin zandaka shomeisho)
> gensenchosuhyo are not accepted
5. It is Applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she meet the requirements for the grant of a Visa. Submission of any supporting documents not listed above is encouraged (Applicant’s Economic or Social ties with the Philippines, Urgent Reasons for Visit: Medical Certificate, Wedding invitation and the like)
6. Submission of requirements does not guarantee issuance of visa. Validity of Documents is 3 months from the date of issue (unless otherwise stated)
7. If Birth Certificate from NSO is unreadable or there is no record in NSO in addition to Certificate of Non-Record from NSO submit:
> birth certificate from local civil registrar
> if nso birth certificate is late registration
baptismal certificate, school record (form 137) and school yearbook (if applicable) then please indicate complete address and landline number of the church in the baptismal certificate and of the school in school record. (if applicable)
8. Japan Embassy Manila don't accept walk-in lodging of documents instead they have an accredited travel agencies where you can submit all your documents and ask your inquiries, these are (For Any Visa Applications) Rajah Travel CorporationReli Tours & Travel AgencyAttic Tours Phils. Inc. and Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation Then for those who don't have Japanese guarantors go to Pan Pacific Travel Corporation.
9. If ever you have been denied a visa you can apply again after 6 months
10. For visa fee: gratis for the Japan Embassy but since you are going in an accredited travel agency it can go around PHP 2,100.00 above depending which agency you decide to submit your documents to

Goodluck on your application!