Thursday, February 19, 2015

Applying for Russian Tourist Visa

Probably obtaining a Russian Tourist Visa is one of the hardest thing to do because they are strict like that base on few blogs I have read plus I can't find a proper travel experience of people who went there. I found one but it was dated like year 2000 or 2001 something hello we are in 2012 or should I say 2015 since this is an updated one.

Only four Asian countries can enter freely to Russia namely Thailand (30 days), Macau (30 days), Brunei (Diplomatic and Service Passport Holders Only) and Hong Kong (HKSAR Passport Holders Only). The rest were European Union Countries with exception of United Kingdom, Repulic of Ireland  and Denmark then other countries include Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, Macedonia, Montenegro, Mozambique, Serbia, Turkey and 23 more countries including in the South America. Too few if you imagine other countries right?

The Requirements

1. Original Passport
with at least 2 blank visa-designated pages then passport must be valid for at least 6 months after intended departure date from russia
2. Russian Visa Application Form - two copies then completed and signed
3. Passport-Size Photos - two pieces with signed on the back
4. If Tour Group or Cruise Passenger
> letter from tour company or cruise line confirming itinerary and including a copy of the confirmation from authorized russian travel company which shows the reference number and confirmation number for the visa.
5. If Individual Travel 
> confirmation of hotel arrangements from authorized russian travel company or directly from the russian hotel showing reference number and confirmation number for the visa

It looks an easy breezy application process because it only has five requirements but #4 and #5 requirement will be tricky if you don't know how exactly you will contact a Russian Travel Agency or your Russian Hotel or are they even authorized but worry no more Visa To Russia is here to help. Just click the link then when you are in the website already find the button that says Russian Visa Step by Step: Go to Step 1 just click the button until you reach the Step 3 called Ordering Official Russian Visa Support then below you'll be given an option if you want to have the letter confirmation the same day or the next day. 

Single-entry and Double-entry tourist visa valid upto 30 days costs $30 (the next day) or $45 (the same day) it will be emailed to you and just print it then include to your visa requirements or if you want you can request as well of a hard copy from them just look for the contact details in the website.

Payment: As for methods of visa fee payment we currently accept payment by United Coconut Planters Bank drafts in Philippines peso only and do not accept cash, company or personal checks, other currencies, etc. The information of the visa fees for Philippines citizens and other foreigners is available at Consular Office. Visa processing fees received from the applicants are not subject for reimbursement in case of subsequent refusal.

Visa Fees - as of February 2015: Rush (1 week) - $175 and Regular (2 weeks) - $125

Processing Time: Normal time for visa processing is 10 working days. There are urgent and express visa processing. That means that if you are ready to pay extra fee you can get your visa on the next working day open for public (urgent), on the 7 working day (express) or on the 3 working day (express). Express or urgent processing is only available if the volume of work technically permits. Visa processing starts after we have collected all necessary documents. So please kindly prepare your documents beforehand and do apply in good time.

Visa section days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Filing time: 9:00am–11:00am
Releasing time: 11:00am – 12:00nn 

AddressEmbassy of the Russian Federation in the Philippines
1245 Acacia Road, Dasmarinas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines 
Telephone: +632 893-0190, 817-5406 
Telex: (75) 63709 SOVPSL PN 
Fax: +632 810-9614 
Consular Department
Telephone: +632 810-9581
Fax: +632 810-95-81