Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hello 2015: Top 5 Products I Regret Buying

Hello everyone, happy 2015! I hope you all had a lovely new year's celebration with your friends and family wherever you are in the world. I, myself had a lovely celebration with my family alone this time because we always have people around at home to celebrate with these past few years but this time it was just us all together. A new year means a new beginning for everyone of us!

2014 has open mine eyes to a whole new world of make up and skincare. To be honest, I totally hate makeup back in the day, you won't even see me wearing one or rather owning one. I just started wearing makeup I think around when I was in my Freshman year in University and the rest is history. Nowadays, I'd rather spend my money of makeup and skincare rather than anything. I just love it seriously. I actually regretted giving away a whole stash of makeup before. Haha! #neveragain

This 2015 though I realised that not all products will work out to our favour, however or whatever we want to. I have been trying to remember all brands/products I have bought and just completely waste my money on because it didn't really do anything to me or worse gave me a bunch of acne. Right now actually, I am trying to cure out some of the marks left behind from a skincare mishap over the summer.

As much I want to say good things on products all the time, it won't happen. Haha. Disclaimer though, these products I am going to mentioned might work out for you but not with homegirl right here. I already threw away all the products so I guess a picture will suffice for now:

I mean when you hear a product with Collagen you already assume it is a good one, right? But nah, this one was good hunch to your skin for the first week but dang the next succeeding was a nightmare. My whole face dried out and worse case, I had acne all over my face. I mean, I didn't take it against Tony Moly that time since it is the first time. Even though I have a Combination skin, it can take in anything that I put on with no hindrance. I don't recommend this one totally.

I only tried the Berrianne Skin, Lotion and Essence in this line. Same story with the Collagen Firming Line, it worked the first week and the sole reason my skin mishap today. These products were the one who caused me severe breakout and dryness over the summer and Acne marks today. The only good thing about this brand is the scent but other than that I won't repurchase these. 

As much as I highly love and appreciate the Moistfull White Toner and Essence since they really work magic on my skin too bad that they discontinued the Essence already but I have to digressed the Emulsion. For me, it didn't do anything aside from giving me acne. One major issue I have with any product is worsening my acne instead of curing it + it makes my skin darker contrary to it's substance which is whitening. 

I love Chanel - no doubt about that. Most of the make up are from them - but this one didn't make the cut. I love matte products since they really hold on to you when you most needed them. This powder though, feels like a sand paper when you dabbed it on to your skin. I know it is supposed to control the shininess of your skin but this is too rough to put on the skin. Not worth every penny I paid. 

The only thing I don't like about this product is the fact that it dried out so quickly. Like around 5 days after I opened it + the brush bristles hurts a lot when you try to comb your brows. 

I have been thinking to make Top 5 Products I would repurchase but I still have to narrow down everything. Haha! So anyway, I hope your enjoy my insights with these products. Happy 2015 everyone. Love you all! x